The Hole x UTA Artist Space


Curated by Hala Matar and Lizzy Goodman

The Hole is proud to present a thematic exhibition and performances series based on the book by Lizzy Goodman, Meet me in the Bathroom an oral history of the rebirth of rock and roll in New York from 2001-2011. If the goal of the book, Meet me in the Bathroom, was to transport the reader to the last era of dirty, druggy, manically joyful New York City, the goal of Meet Me in the Bathroom: The Art Show is to colour in the sensory reality of that place. What did it really feel like to be in the birthplace of the American dream as the sun set on the 20th century? Through artworks made by the musicians whose work defined this era, the visual artists who were inspired by those sounds, and the artists whose legacy influenced both - plus performances by the brands themselves - we will generate a portal to the past that also serves as a prologue to the present.

Curated by Max Siedentopf

“Passport Photos” looks at one of the most mundane and unexciting types of photography. Heavily restricted and regulated, the official passport photo requirements include that the subject needs to face the camera straight on, needs a clear background without shadow, no glare on glasses and most importantly; no smile.

It seems almost impossible for any kind of self-expression.

The series tries to challenge these official rules by testing all the things you could be doing while you are taking your official document photo.

Skyline Indie Film Festival in Winchester, Virginia is a festival that truly supports independent cinema, so we’re super proud to announce that Our Most Brilliant Friends is a part of it!

Our Most Brilliant Friends screens there on 22nd September 2019.⁣