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David Wilson's new work for W&K Amsterdam and Nike shows the rites of passage of an unknown young Russian footballer all told through the use of stop frame animation via the spirit of the "korobka", the football cage where most Russian kids lean to play football.

All shot over the course of 8 days with the stop frame animation comprising of 240 murals between 2 - 16metres high decorated over 15 locations.

Lidl ! Germany! yeah thats what we thought, until Ryan Staake got involved. More than surprised and wait until you hear the music.

Well done all the team at Überground and the local production company EASYdoesit Berlin, we are mightily impressed.

Luke Monaghan on Flatbush Zombies “I went into the video wanting to give off a feeling and set a tone; I feel like rap videos in the 90’s did that so well. They didn’t try too hard or try to shoehorn in camera technique as much. It was all about the feeling. I wanted people to feel like they were in Flatbush Zombies’ version of Flatbush. I wanted people to feel like they needed to wrap up warm when they watched the video because it makes you feel like you’re in New York on a bitterly cold night.

"My main reference going into the video was Wu Tang ‘C.R.E.A.M’. I love that video. People don’t make them like that anymore.

"I go back a long way with Flatbush Zombies, their first video ‘Thug Waffle’ was one of the first videos I ever made. So it was important for me to do a good job by them and give them a video to set the tone for their second album ‘Vacation In Hell’.”

Unexpectedly, but very much appreciated Riff Raff won for the 2nd year in a row the award for best Creative Production Company 2018 at the Creative Circle Awards last night. Always humbling.

We do not tell finely tuned insightful stories, or marry classic artistry or cutting edge technology across multi platform platforms, or have the highest level of original anything apart from ourselves.

Seems to work.

We represent The Directors Bureau in the UK.

They are like us, they are about the creative work so take a look... what's the worst that can happen?

Well you would win awards and get a pay rise, thats all.

The first film that started the creative streak of the Finish Campaign for W&K.

From Megaforce: As the film is a vision of the world through the eyes of a Finish tablet. Let’s present the dirty dishes just as a tablet sees them: like organised in a dishwasher. Dishes are stacked up vertically, cups up side down, knives horizontal or stacked together.

Basically, for each scene, we will do a still life of the exhaustive list of the dishes left behind.  

Sigrid "Strangers: Well done Ivana & Sigrid, In Pitchfork's Top 3 videos of January 2018. Couldn't happen to to nicer people. 31,165,188 views

Still think this is a great brand film.

Watch it again, there is so much craft and attention to detail, exactly what you expect from Francois Rousselet, but also Grey and M&S.

Yako is a bear to help kids communicate better with their parents.

Yako (pronounced Yay'Ko) is Okay backwards as it's Okay not to be Okay.

Its a bear for 6-9 year olds to let them know things that they think are worrying are usually all part of growing up and here is a bear to help (with a little help from the people who love them).

They write a note and put it in Yako's pouch and spin the mouth to sad and wait for a reply.

Click left for more info.

TheSacred Egg + Droga5 NY = Mailshrimp + Cannes Gold.

From The Sacred Egg: We love it when people are individual. Everyone is a genius if they are truly themselves because that’s the one thing no one else can do.

If we want to encourage others to be individuals then we have to be too.

So we are not selling an email service. These are not adverts. They are bigger than that. This is a glimpse of MailChimp’s personality.

This is a chance to think like we think. To go down the rabbit hole and into the mind of MailChimp.

Kintsugi warrior is a female fighting machine made from porcelain that competes against other Kintsugi Warriors in a violent futurist fighting league. Each fighter is decorated in a their own ceramic style and carries their own unique weapon. 

The way a fighter is victorious is by smashing the porcelain shell off their opponent. 

After each fight each warrior is fixed using the Kintsugi technique. The older and more experienced the fighter the more golden scars they will carry. Each one worn as a trophy of combat. 

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There is always somewhere on one of these Production Company websites where there is a reel.

Some companies spend weeks discussing what goes on, how the pace should build to an euphoria leaving the viewer with a sense of empowerment. At Riff Raff yeah we did all that all to the soundtrack of the MC5, with a bit of David Byrne thrown in.

The point? Obvious, right ? You now want to buy one of our hats because the colour palette in the edit is the same as the one hat we sell.

"Thank you very m...u..uu.c.ch"

Doing this as a Music Video although not simple always allows yourself creative control, and the problems of making something mesmeric for 3 mins.

Well seemed to work as now in/out are doing a Guinness commercial with AMV/BBDO.

All is well with the world.