Finn Keenan is an Irish filmmaker from Cavan, based in London.
After spending most of his teens obsessively trying to emulate tricks from music videos that he watched growing up and making short films with his friends, Finn went on to study Film at the National Film School Ireland.  After graduating in 2011, Finn started out by shooting, directing and editing videos for Irish bands such as The Strypes, Raglans and Otherkin before moving to London in 2013 and has since worked with The Wombats, The Kooks, Louis Berry, George Ezra and Willie J Healy.

Finn joined Riff Raff's The Nursery of Evil in 2016 and has recently worked on the Nike LDNR and Nike Never Ask campaign with W&K directing the social films for both; 2018 saw Finn graduate to the Directors page here at Riff Raff, releasing a commercial for Tesco and a gravity defying music video for MK's "Back and Forth." Keenan was shortlisted for the Kinsale Shark awards 2018 for Bird Gais energy - Best use of humour.

Finn describes his own work (because we made him) as "a combination of surreal comedy, strong visuals and performance videos incorporating in-camera trickery and narratives that keep the viewers on their toes”.