We believe 6 second social media advertising is as important as 60 second main brand film, and their seemingly vastly different media space is not mutually exclusive of either ideas or alignment.

In fact why not concurrently think of an idea that works for both. W&K did for Nike LDNR and look what happened! 

That got us thinking.

Why not find new talent from Social media for Social Media.

So we did. Our illustrators, filmmakers, animators, gif kids and craftspeople are sourced via the UK’s top creative colleges, as well as the best young craft makers from all across the world’s Mobile platforms.

Our intention is to have a roster of up to 100 creators of different background and styles, from motion graphics, typography, character and brand design (to start a long list).

Help students enter the industry, by finding them actual briefs. BUT it is all about CRAFT.

So we will manage the process. Find this talent, find the clients who need them (and US).