Piers Dennis / Self Esteem "The 345"

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Piers Dennis is a filmmaker whose storytelling and vision Riff Raff trusted so much, we produced his debut feature, 'Our Most Brilliant Friends’ in 2018, before we even signed him. Piers’ ability to genuinely connect, with not only the creative idea, but also the people behind the idea, means that once he works with someone once, he quickly becomes their directorial partner; as was the case with Self Esteem’s music videos, and most recently with streetwear brand Carnations. A swissknife of a director, Piers’ edit skills are sharp and he is also an accomplished writer of original emotive scripts - best evidenced by his latest project, short film 'Heavy, Man!’. His ease with capturing the human condition on film to create authentic and vulnerable moments, means that once you’re in the room with him, you’ll feel compelled to trust him with your project.