Niall Trask / Jamie T "The Old Style Raiders"

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Niall asked ChatGPT to come up with a biography that displayed his prowess as a filmmaker whilst making him seem approachable with a funny anecdote or two and here it is:

He was happily running an illegal punting operation in Cambridge before the High Court intervened and forced him to become a filmmaker. He’s lived vicariously through bands for years making music videos and docs. He’s seen pitches rejected by the likes of George Ezra, Lewis Capaldi and Clean Bandit and has made lots of videos he’s ashamed of, to pay rent. He also had a 2 year stint working in parliament after lying on a CV. He’s never won any awards or been able to afford entry to the UKMVA’s, a ticket or enough gak to handle industry chat without resentment.

He’s joined Riff Raff strictly to make commercials for only the following brands: Pedigree Chum, Cheesestrings, Daddies Ketchup and Huggies. He’s one of only 6 state educated people working in the film industry.