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Natty Kasambala is a writer, cultural commentator, strategist and now director, whose M.O. is to help as much as she can and harm as little as possible, which is a philosophy we can absolutely get behind.

Born in Blantyre, Malawi, raised in Buckinghamshire and now found in London, Natty studied Philosophy at King’s before diving into the real world and has been writing since 2015. Fans of Natty’s from her time working within record labels as a strategist, we knew she had great taste and even better ideas, and in 2021, she directed her first video with Riff Raff for Island Records’ artist Chrissi. A simple idea, well executed, it shows what Natty does best; getting to the essence of an artist’s message and communicating it with soul, humour and a cracking performance.

Natty’s heart is in music video, which stands to reason as she’s also currently music editor-at-large at Dazed, and a bit of an artist whisperer.

Her written work has also been featured in Vogue, Dazed, i-D, The Face, Evening Standard, Time Out, Complex and Huck; and she has reviewed film and music for BBC Radio 4's Front Row and Today programmes, The Guardian, NME and Crack.

She has spoken and hosted at venues including the Southbank Centre, Genesis Cinema and the National Gallery, and also hosts radio shows and podcasts for Gal-Dem, Foundation FM and Selfridges.