in/out / Moses Boyd "Stranger than Fiction"

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Directing duo JP and Thom have a scientific approach to film making, creating visually satisfying and pure images, but with the twist they like doing things for real. Their films have a mesmeric quality.

Before meeting at MET Film School, Thom was studying to be an architect at Cambridge and JP was a film student at UCL. Their graduation films were picked up for international festivals and from then they went on to create music videos that focused on performance and dance. They were also chosen to do the tour visualisations for project Hercules and Love Affair that used performers in unique and interesting ways.

2018 saw the pair direct a music video for The Horrors which was nominated for Best Alternative Video at the UKMVAs in 2018. They also directed their first commercial which was for Guinness, not a bad spot to have for their first commercial.