Waves are a beautiful way of expressing how the objects in your life wash in and wash out. The execution should enhance the idea. It should have a warm, tangible, in-camera feel. It should also have the graceful beauty that waves have. It should be completely executed with stop-frame animation. 

It should be an unfurnished and uncarpeted living room. It should have small details that wouldn’t change over time - for example, a skirting board, plug sockets, a radiator, a door, a light hanging from the ceiling. The colour scheme should be very neutral – a blank canvas for the waves to roll over. 

The wave should be a decent height when it enters (say a metre and a half-ish) to create a distinctive wave shape, and to break in a graphic way. The motion of the wave should be as natural as possible and as it recedes, there should be eddies and a sucking, overlapping backwash effect as the next wave arrives.