A mother is trying to get her eight year old son to his weekly swimming lesson.  A simple task that quickly becomes impossible when he locks himself in a cubicle in the men’s changing room.

The film focuses on the conversation between the mother and son that takes place through that locked cubicle door.  It’s a conversation that can be won or lost.

Director's statement

My interest in the family as a subject focuses here on how we talk to those we love. Obviously every family is different but one thing we have in common is that we all tend to be unconscious of how we talk to those closest to us.  It’s pure habit.

The mother in this film sees how she speaks to her son as ‘normal’. And maybe it is – part of a parent’s job is to ‘civilise’ his or her children after all.  But parenting today is also the art of negotiation and the conversation in this film quickly ceases to be a dialogue and becomes a power play between the mother and son.  The audience is asked who is right, what’s fair and who really controls who.