Smith & Foulkes / BBC 'Winter Olympics'

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After graduating from the RCA, Alan Smith and Adam Foulkes formed a creative partnership based on a mutual appreciation of their similarities and a grudging acceptance of their differences. 

Moving seamlessly between the worlds of commercial and independent filmmaking, their multidisciplinary craftsmanship has earned them some of the industry’s most coveted accolades. Honda Grrr took home Black Pencils, the Cannes Grand Prix, and was voted AdWeek’s Ad of the Decade. They have since received an Annie, a BAFTA, an Oscar nomination and a multitude of Arrows.

They live by the mantra that story comes first, then the right technique naturally follows… creating engaging characters that take us to visually extraordinary worlds. With lots of silly gags along the way.

All of which is why they fit perfectly into the Riff Raff family.

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