Keane Pearce Shaw / New Balance x Raheem Sterling

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Keane Pearce Shaw; a name full of surnames of all the best footballers that when combined, create a football-mad, self-taught film maker from England (whose heart is really in Spain). Raised on the mean streets of Clifton, Nottingham, Keane moved to London armed with an education in Music Business & Entertainment Management to answer phones and add gig details to artists’ calendars. Then when he started producing MTV live shows, he realised his passion for directing - football content in particular to no one’s surprise - after having the opportunity to direct a film with Manchester United and Adidas in 2016. Since then, Keane has gone on to direct global campaigns for FIFA, Adidas, Nike and Puma, and asked - very politely, he has exceptional manners our Keane - sporting royalty including Lionel Messi, Ronaldo and Beckham to stand behind the camera. He’s recently come full circle, now also working with current top artists and musicians. Along the way Keane has crafted a directing style that can be described as thoughtful, raw, and perhaps even a zeitgeist for modern British street style. Watch this (football shaped) space.