Ivana Bobic is a London-based director and writer. She has created an array of film projects from music videos and branded content to narrative shorts as as well as commercials. With a background in graphic design, her films blend striking imagery with perspective, fashion aesthetic and intriguing narratives.

Her groundbreaking ad for Coppafeel! was the first to campaign to show a female nipple on daytime TV!!

She has recently collaborated with Sigrid, the first of which was voted by Pitchfork as 2nd best video for January 2018. Since then she has made a new video for Nothing But Thieves, 2 more videos for Sigrid as well as 3 videos for Sigrid's LIFT campaign for Vevo.

Ivana has developed a strong visual style working with fashion brands like Stella McCartney, Mulberry, Au Point Rouge, Adidas and Whistles.

Sigrid sings about how things are “not like in the movies”, about falling for something that isn’t real, something that won’t last. It inspired me to think about movie reality - how things can look perfect from one angle, but as soon as the camera moves you see the background, or the people making the film. We took this sentiment to create visual tricks with art direction and a modular set that gave Sigrid space to perform in.