Danilo Parra is a Chilean/American film director working in New York. His work has been featured in a variety of film festivals and TV networks including Tribeca film festival and Apple TV. More recently Danilo co-created and directed two seasons of Hamilton's Pharmacopeia for Viceland TV.

He has directed films and TV for brands such as Apple, Vice, Guardian, Vogue, Intel, Warner Brothers, Art+Commerce, among others. 

Recently championed by Spike Jonze, he's in pretty good hands. Spike Jonze that is...

" I went to the Academy of Art in San Francisco for a couple of years and then I dropped out. I wanted to feel like I was moving forward, instead of just being an art school dropout, so I moved to New York, and then a lot of stuff happened that made me feel like this was the place to be. One of the first things that happened was I was taking photographs of my friend Duke, he took a submarine out to Red Hook. On a whim I went with him to shoot photos, and it turned out that the New York Times was out there filming it and I was the only other person there. So after the whole incident, he got arrested and a bunch of helicopters and shit came out and then the Daily News got ahold of me because they wanted to use my photos for their paper, so I sold them a picture for a lot of money. That was just one of those things that made me feel like I was in the right place at the right time, being in New York."