Women’s Aid and WCRS – in collaboration with the British Board of Film Classification have launched a new cinema advert that highlights the realities for children growing up in abusive households.

Inspired by real experiences of domestic violence, the advert, written and directed by WCRS’s Creative Director, David Dearlove, was conceived with the expressed intention of gaining an 18 certificate. Then, with the BBFC’s help, the violent scenes were removed, making the film suitable for children to watch.

Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of Women’s Aid, said: “With this campaign we wanted to shine a light on the hidden victims of domestic abuse: children. Children not only witness domestic abuse, they experience it. Thousands of children are living in homes filled with fear, frightened of what will happen next. By teaming up with BBFC and WCRS, we hope to make people think about the impact of domestic abuse on children. Every child deserves support to live free from fear and abuse. With your help, we can support the thousands of women and their children who are experiencing domestic abuse today.”

Domestic abuse is real. What over 100,000 children have to witness in homes across the UK is real. And that’s the key to making this advert resonate. Making it feel real.

Every decision I’ll make, from casting to camera work to performance will be judged against this. Is what I’m looking at believable?

Or am I watching a piece of fiction that feels as made up as the film that will play in the cinema after it.

Daisy Prior, child survivor and campaigner, said: "Giving a voice to young survivors and witnesses of domestic abuse is so important. As a child, I witnessed my dad turn from a loving father to a monster at the drop of a hat. My mum was able to use her experience to help women and children who have experienced abuse in her role as the CEO of Reigate and Banstead Women's Aid. She has inspired me to tell my story to help others try to understand the wider effect of domestic abuse.”