I’m inspired by Sigrid’s story of the track “ even if you want it to be like a movie, the reality is different.”

I want to explore this idea with a visual technique that plays with movie reality. Sigrid performs in a surreal, evolving film set where nothing is what it seems.

We want a large studio where we can build backdrops, props and rehearse the movement. The shifts from one set to another can be fluid- suggesting the location with only the simplest elements. We never want the set to be overwhelming, but instead a pared back,fun and sophisticated visual pun on the meaning of the track.

The studio should be a light colour so that we can create an abstract environment by adding shapes, backdrops and lighting effects.

Sigrid’s energy and amazing moves should burst out of the screen.

I’m so impressed with her youthful but sensitive attitude.

The studio comes alive, as if reacting to her performance with visual twists where backdrops and props change in-camera around her, visibly brought in and removed.

We want to keep this natural, youthful appeal and create an effortlessly cool styling that feels fresh and has a modern femininity.

Tires cut and lined up to look like they're sinking in the ground.