In this script we see a visually spectacular portrayal of the high drama the British commuter experiences at a station when their journey’s disrupted by leaves on the track. 

It’s a cinematic story told with humour, truth, and edge-of-the-seat-drama, but most importantly it’s a story designed to do justice to the Galaxy S9’s super slow-motion capability by creating original, jaw-dropping scenes that look great in super slow-motion and make the everyday epic.

In order to make these films feel painterly we are very interested in creating a look which has a lot of light and dark.  It is very dramatic lighting that increases the drama of its subject.  It will accentuate the slow mo action as people move in and out of the light.  It also works to increase people’s curiosity as they watch certain actions be highlighted and others disappear into the shadows.    It makes your eye rove around the picture.   It’s another way for us to drive the interest of the viewer.  It also happens to be very suited to train stations.

We are going to shoot as many things that look good in slow motion as possible within these stories. We will use wind and fabric, liquids and explosions, extreme facial expressions and even animal ones too. The point is that rather than relying on these singular visual sensations they will be serving a larger story.  So you get people hooked on cool visuals and wanting to know what happens next.