A mascot walks into a gas station. The mascot is giant fluffy animal.

The mascot walks up into the gas station shop and pulls out a sawn-off shotgun, aiming it at the gas station attendant. He demands all the chocolate in the shop.

The mascot then smashes up the gas station shop, and runs with the chocolate out of the gas station forecourt: wobbling comically in the mascot costume, chocolate spilling out his pockets. A local police car swerves into the gas station and two local cops tackle the mascot. He pushes them back and removes his head...

There’s a huge alien, insect-style creature that’s in the inside the mascot head, and what ensues is a battle between the cops and the alien: a blood bath of Superjail proportions.

After a brief, live-action, stand-off with more mascots and cops arriving on the scene (I like the idea of the secret service being called in!), the video then progresses into an even bigger animated battle.

LIVE ACTION: filmic, dynamic shots, wrapping around the action. Think contemporary Tarantino meets Michael Bay.

ANIMATION to be bold, dynamic, and comically gory.