One of the main characteristics of a Barbie type doll is that they only have one expression. Therefore, we think that it will be funny that the actress wear a mask reproducing the one expression of this type of doll: an excessive smile. This mask will also help us to give her a bigger head to get closer to the proportions of a barbie type doll.. We think that it could also be interesting to have a wig with very long and shiny//synthetic blonde hair that will remind us of a doll’s long flowing locks.. Even if the emotion is completely static we think that the eyes could blink,, just to give to the face a bit of life.. We imagine to treat the face of the little son in a similar way,, he will look like a baby Ken type doll who was Barbie’s doll world boyfriend.. 

Aretha Franklin. One Room Paradise. Better than i think people realise. But thats just my opinion, but then i am always going to be biased. "Ikea has done it again. Entrancing... captivating... this demands all kinds of positive superlatives. As Aretha Franklin sings about her tiny home, living dolls in their very own doll's house go about their day in a place filled with clever space-saving furniture and design ideas - before we see a real-life human girl playing house with them at the end.

The detail with which this has been thought through is very impressive. The way they actors move - stiff-limbed, but not ungainly; the limited but nonetheless expressive changes in their features to different situations. Without the care and finesse that's been lavished on the ad, it could be cumbersome and charmless.

Instead, you're offered a simple premise, exquisitely made, like a fine piece of jewellery. It's delicious to look at, and really memorable. A tour de force from French directing collective Megaforce."