As much as we like the simplicity of a black box space we think it’s important to create some depth and texture to the environment where the dancers can perform. This will help the cuts sit better and allow the dancers to be at the forefront of the metaphor, alluding to the interior world of a pint of Guinness, easing those transitions between the drink shots and the performers, whilst giving a bold sense of drama.

We’ll do this by subtly alluding to epic paintings of clouds from the Romantic era. Each scene we will have different painted translight backgrounds to help the overall feel and look of the shots.

It will be an incredible feast for the eyes that makes the performer metaphor look inseparable from a Guinness. It will be bold, powerful and exude energy. Locking the audience into the astounding endeavours of the acrobats to leave a lasting impression. To keep the simple idea, but not make it technical, rather using the dancers to emote empathy through their energy and vitality.