Few days before Halloween and the launch of the film, some mysterious videos will appear on the web. We can do something inspired by the series ‘141 Boxers’ of photographer Nicolai Howalt Schatz who shot portraits of boxers before and after a fight, so leaving to the imagination of the viewer the story of what happened in between. As far as we concerned, these will be simple shots of people before and after the blood bath, without saying a word. The shots will be side-by-side, with a background like mug shot. The exhilarating yet ultimately gruesome aftermath of the battle can be seen primarily on the their faces and clothes. Maybe they are holding a black card – like in the mug shot pictures – where it’s written in white capital letters something like “GIFFGAFF 10.31.2013” or whatever message we want to pass (this is something we can discuss).

With the battle of gore, people are being back to their childhood, like grown-ups with snowballs. It’s so much fun to be there or watch it. The music should match that childhood vibe; that’s why if play a song like “Hard Knock Life” on the montage we did, it’s magic again! So, the idea is to find an old music (30s-40s-50s) with an uplifting vibe. Then we write special lyrics for the film - that only use words like brain, guts, eyes, stomach, fingers, shred, crush, blood - but keeping a naïve tone like in a kids song. And we ask a kids choir to sing it. Besides this song over the tannoys, there will be the sound of the crowd recorded live on the location during the fight (to keep the echoes, the atmosphere) we can bring forward or backward if needed - and addition of sound design to emphasis the fight and focus on sounds like the splatters, the people punched with guts, a sliding feet, in a word everything we need to bring forward to make it more impressive and immersive.

It’s mayhem. Hands are digging in troughs and buckets and arms are throwing. A shower of blood and guts fill the air, flying in all directions. Skin is spattered with blood, guts, offal and disgusting bits of gore. It’s Tomatina with guts. It is HUGE FUN.

We cut between real time actions and impressive slow-motion shots, like fast hands letting fly and people slapped in the face in slow motion by flying guts.

A wide shot reveals we are in an old disused empty swimming pool full of people, there appears to be a white dress code. Music blast through tannoys that echoes through out the space. See a note about music later in the treatment.