We want to create a visually interesting way of showing life and a unique way of portraying all the dirty, tough-to-clean dishes that we leave behind. Let’s present the dirty dishes just as Finish see them: like organised in a dishwasher. Dishes are stacked up vertically, cups up side down, knives horizontal or stacked together.

For each life scene (we’ll cover how we see this life later), we will do a still life of the exhaustive list of dishes left behind. The dishes will be organised in a vertical way, one behind the other, just the way they’re set in a dishwasher. All of the dishes we’ve seen before will be levitating in the same room where the scene has just taken place.

In a wide shot, a girl is having breakfast at the kitchen table. We can feel the morning light coming through the window. We cut to a closer shot of the table, the girl is gone. Over it, the dirty dishes of the breakfast are floating in the air. The camera slowly moves around them. The pan, plate, glass, coffee mug, spoon and knife are set like in an dish washer drawer. Total order.

Humans are quirky and no one can deny it. Specially when they are at their own homes. If we are going to witness two seconds of a dad entertaining his baby or a big family shouting ‘surprise!!’ to the birthday boy, then let ́s make them most interesting and peculiar snap shots possible.