For this track, we imagine Dizzee as a crazy preacher who proselytises anybody he can for his cause: The bassline religion. What's really great about this track is the juxtaposition between the way Dizzee delivers it and what it is actually about. A crazy anti drug speed. And that's where we drew a parallel to extremist religious. Their faith is so strong that they sort of look like they are on drugs all the time.

Preaching in a car with loud speakers on the roof and in the trunk. He's followed by hysterical followers dancing like they are on speed. Then the video follows, like a Werner Herzog documentary, highlights of his preaching life. We see this as Dizzee leaves the house and climbs in his "Dizzee mobile" en route to his church of disciples. As he arrives at the the church he pulls into the car park next to a Renault Clio. The entourage get out one by one next to the car. During the hook, we'll have propaganda anti-drug videos spoof with fashion kids and hipsters saying no to drug dealers and dancing instead. We discover that Dizzee is showing this video to kids in a classroom.