Hands are the stars of this ad. By creating an immersive tactile film experience we can demonstrate how amazing touch is as a tool for discovering our boobs (and the world). The sheer variety of things your hands can do are shown with a meaningful flow of actions that create narratives and associations between them - words about play, about love, about manual skill are punctuated with the reminder to touch our boobs. Overall we want to create a rich and immersive sensory experience with carefully crafted sound and music that capture the feeling of touching and bring this Coppafeel world to life. 

The hands and actions are always the focus of our attention. So we create a look that isolates the subjects and props in a spotlit black space. In a studio we can create each set up with minimal but specific lighting that portrays the hands in precise detail with depth and tactile dimension. We want to make the biggest possible impact with our hands - they move towards the screen almost bursting out of the frame. We want to capture a detailed, a macro lensed world that shows every line on a finger tip, every bump on the basketball, the wobble of the jelly (and the walnut within) in hyper-real detail.

Coppafeel have such a unique, funny and wonderful attitude to making us feel comfortable with our bodies and checking our boobs that we want to make something that fits their amazing tone and sense of humour.