Riff Raff Films

Rich is a director working and living in London. Whilst he’s not won any awards for his filmmaking (yet) he has read every page of Shakespeare’s ‘Henry IV Part I’ and had several “great” jokes plagiarised by well-known “television comics”, among them Harry Hill and Larry David, though he has never asked for compensation. His life at the company began as a treatment writer/designer, until his talent for filmmaking was noticed, and subsequently nurtured by leading production figurehead, Matthew Fone. Under Fone & Riff Raff’s close development, Rich has made a number of eye catching music videos that contribute to his cinematic style and astute visual eye. His unapologetically young aesthetic is combined with a production maturity that is only achievable through working in the industry as something other than a director. He combines both the human and visual aspects of filmmaking effortlessly – arguably the best example of this is the WW2 period drama (short film) he shot in France ‘The White Barn Owl’, as commissioned by FilmFrance. Rich has big ideas and big plans, and the multi award winning Riff Raff intend to back him all the way. His hardworking attitude and dedication lend themselves perfectly to the commercial world, where we are certain he will flourish.