This might sound odd, but i had the romantic idea of creating a comic for kids that you read to them every night for a week.

Something you pick up at a tube station (yes i know not practical and who would even take one), but the notion was you have to get it as your kid can't wait to hear what happens next.

Again I had this idea that it would be kind of like when Charles Dickens published his monthly instalments. Shoot me down in Flames!

Anyway. It all started when i would get home from work and all i had to deal with was the riot and arguing of getting the kids to bed. I need(ed) something to engage with them, but also something i aesthetically liked and could help stimulate things we could do together.

Maybe each day has the same characters who are in the main body of the story but are done in different styles.

Maybe each tube station has different styles! Leicester Square = Manga!