Matt Kirby / Basement Jaxx "Good Luck"

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Not in any particular order of importance or date. More a list so i can remember some of the jobs i have done as a producer, pre Riff Raff.

Not that easy when you get old(er)

More videos than commercials as i remember,. but not a bad thing. Guess why they are so important to me and how we do things at Riff Raff. People were more interested in them than the commercials, and they show the directors talent for ideas. Still feel the same way.

I need to raid the loft for more behind the scenes / makings of.

I have so much footage on Hi8 of the LCD Soundsystem video, which we cut into a film, but then i lost all versions with sound on.

And then i found some more. Funny how a 12 day paper stop frame animation shoot where you remember people sleeping at the studio gets forgotten (until you search your own CV on google).

Right back to the day job and trying to finish off this new website!!

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