◀︎Matthew Fone, Owner, matthew@riffrafffilms.tv

Matthew was born in Coventry when he was aged 0. At the age of 7 he was forced to move at gunpoint to Walsall from where his pronounced middle class accent descended into a heavy rock monotony. On a motorbike, jumping over 10ft high barbed wire fencing, he finally escaped to University in London, attending King’s College where he read Geography.

After 3 years he was forced to leave seeking employment but ending up sorting post in the vaults of BT. His real life began when he got invited into the depths of the late Propaganda Films where he learnt the craft of production. Matthew’s toils have involved award winning commercial work for clients such as Nike, Adidas, Orange, Olympus, JC Penney, Stella Artois, Diet Coke as well as music videos for the likes of The Streets, LCD Soundsystem, Bat for Lashes, Badly Drawn Boy, Basement Jaxx, Kings of Leon, oh and Madonna. The highlight was producing the D&AD Black Pencil winning Cadbury’s Gorilla in 2008.

In 2010 Matthew decided to start his own production company Riff Raff which you are now reading about 8 years later. 

◀︎Natalie Arnett, Executive Producer, natalie@riffrafffilms.tv

Natalie joined Riff Raff as Head of Music Video (and Creative Development) in 2015 previously working as both a producer, commissioner and creative director.

And now its 3 years later and Natalie now works as an EP on Commercials while still keeping an overseeing eye on the Music Video division.

Natalie lives in the 1950’s but we can talk to her as we have her 4 digit London phone number.

◀︎Tom Berendsen, Executive Producer, tom@riffrafffilms.tv

Tom joined recently as an EP in Commercials, but thats not all he does. He is here to help find opportunities in the non advertising field, an area he has many years experience of especially in the world of longer format.

His track record both in the UK and US, as well as producing one of The Sacred Egg's first videos stand him in good stead for anything either you or we can throw at him.

◀︎Suzie Fownes, New Business, , suzie@riffrafffilms.tv

Suzie arrived from none of the usual competitors as we did not want someone who wanted to go to the pub and butter up some creatives with a few pints. We wanted someone who could think about things slightly differently, thats why we got Suzie.

◀︎Riff Raff is situated between the transport hubs of Chancery Lane, Farringdon, Kings Cross and Holborn.

We think they call it Farringdon, but we have seen signs for "mid town”, that usual regentrification term.

We call it a nice place to be.

P.S. We like visitors.

◀︎Anna Goodman, Office Manager, anna@riffrafffilms.tv

When we heard Anna read out her CV as part of her comic stand up routine, we immediately walked out. However when she introduced it to the 3rd act of her one man interpretation of “Trains, Planes and Automobiles” we knew she was the person to look after the office and take responsibility for all the stuff we are inept at doing. Thats it.

◀︎Sophia Kawyani, Creative Resource, sophia@riffrafffilms.tv

Started as one of the bi weekly interns but soon found her feet working alongside Anna and Richard, and to be honest was better than Richard.

So we gave her a job.

◀︎Richard Hall, Creative Resource, richard@riffrafffilms.tv

Intern, Office Manager, Director, Owner, Entrepreneur, and always subded at half time (every week). Seriously Rich is now trying to direct full time so please send over scripts so we can finally take him off the payroll and wait for some big fish to snap him up.

We comply with the GDPR and any data held by us is held on the following basis provided in the GDP: Consent, Contract, Legal Obligation, Vital interests, Public task or legitimate interest and is only such data typically name, email, phone number and address- necessary for us to contact you and payment details if we pay money to you. If you have any issues or would like to read our data protection policy or object to us holding your data and would like us to delete it please email anna@riffrafffilms.tv

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