About us

The problem with Riff Raff is it doesn’t want to get big. Well that may have gone out of the window slightly.

After 6 years in the making 2017 saw Riff Raff presented with Creative Circle’s Creative Production Company of the Year. I guess now is either the time to quit while we are ahead or go on to bigger and better things .

Well to do that you all have to start preaching what you say… take some risk on new talent, we have enough! We pride ourselves on taking time to invest in new directors and help them up the ladder. So take a look at our Nursery of Evil as well as aspiring directors like Ewan & Casey, Ben Reed and Luke Monaghan, DON’T JUST ASK FOR MEGAFORCE.

REMEMBER, we set up the company to promote ideas and talent who add them to scripts, misc videos. Whether you are an agency, a video commissioner, a client get in touch, we really don’t bite and look forward to working with you all.……it’s all about ideas and doing whatever is a good idea.

Enough said..

Wondered who writes this … check out my reel….. or my multi award winning website that was updated about 5 years ago… sorry 3 years and counting Fat Moan Presents