About us

The problem with Riff Raff is it doesn’t want to get big.

How many directors do you actually represent ?  Who wants to be a big production company. Who wants to be a production company at all. Not me. its getting out of CONTROL !

Looks like we missed out on a few directors, but hey i think we gained some better ones. SORRY .. but we are always looking (small print – based in the  UK helps)

Well Riff Raff is growing, but in a way Matthew (writing this) won’t know until it happens…..meetings , alliances, , the usual cut and thrust.  I know one thing i don’t want to do just commercials and videos with people ……it’s all about ideas and doing whatever is a good idea.

Enough said..

Wondered who writes this … check out my reel….. or my multi award winning website that was updated about 2 years ago… sorry 3 years and counting Fat Moan Presents

 … i do.